Dark Angel

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Dark Angel #1

cover by Hart D. Fisher

Boneyard Press – 1991

At first glance this book may seem a bit unremarkable. With its strangely painted cover art and cheap black and white pages, I can’t explain what exactly drew me to it. I have read worse but it’s pretty bad. However, after a small bit of superficial internet research, the history of this book (and it’s creator) took me to some strangely unexpected places. Dark places filled with sights possibly better left unseen.

Boneyard Press is the creation of Hart D. Fisher. Dark Angel was his first book. Crusher magazine did a interview which covers most of his prolific career so far. It would seem that his hit book would come a year after Dark Angel in the form of a Jeffrey Dahmer unauthorized comic biography. This book landed Hart an appearance on the Sally Jesse Rafael talk show, Jerry Springer, Larry King and had his house raided by a SWAT team. Seriously… this happened, in America, over a comic book. Today, making a low-budget, black and white comic book about a serial killer would seem about as interesting as reading or writing a crappy blog about copper age indie horror comics, but in 1992 it was trash-newsworthy. Have we really become so apathetic in twenty years or is this just me? After the “media circus” as Hart describes the incident, he found a job working with punk rock icon and mesh shirt enthusiast Glenn Danzig at Verotik where he became managing editor. Today he works in the film industry making black metal music videos (that are apparently too disturbing to be shown even on the internet) and satanic pornography.

His film, Club Satan: The Witches Sabbath was nominated for “Most Outrageous Sex Scene,” by the AVN but lost out to Ass Blasting Felching Anal Whores. BUT, before you click that last link, know that it is one of the most disgusting films I have ever seen. Who could have foreseen that there would be a market for an erotic film featuring simulated multi colored diarrhea shooting out of women’s asses like a super soaker all over the faces of their co-actors. The internet has so many important things to teach us.

Enough about the history of this fine publication. Let’s get to the book itself. As I said earlier, it’s pretty awful but it is not without its endearing moments. In the late 80’s and early 90’s there was a huge comic boom as you all know. This produced plenty of god awful, unreadable garbage. As far as copper age indie comics go, I feel if the book has anything even slightly entertaining, it’s a win. I feel the Dark Angel series is a win but I may be alone on this. I will attempt a brief synapses and you can judge for yourself.

So his main character’s name is Jonathan Gabriel, and Jonathan decides one day that he wants to kill everyone everywhere. He begins his homicidal journey by killing his questionably heterosexual roommate who wears cut off t-shirts tucked into his daisy dukes.

Before Jonathan stabs him in the neck he does a very curious thing –

He “beeps” his nose.

From there on out he begins killing all his neighbors in all kinds of ways. One of my favorite killings is this panel

where he punches a guy so hard, laser beams shoot out of his face.

In the midst of this killing, a guy, somewhere, has a premonition that Jonathan has started on his killing rampage.

Right in the middle of jerking off or fucking this box or whatever is going on, he receives a psychic message about our anti-hero. He then tells his boss that he needs his paycheck cause he’s leaving (seemingly to do something) and then we never hear from this guy again. I believe Hart forgot about this dude.

This is the end of the main story in issue 1, but we also get a second short story. This tale is kind of crappy but the main character is wonderful. His name is Bill the Bull or something like that, and he has horns for no reason. No one else has horns and it isn’t mentioned why. He’s a 80’s badass and that’s all you need to know. He solves a mystery about a missing boy who was murdered by his father for insurance money and Bill buries the dad alive at the end.

Here’s Bill strutting – 80’s style.

and here he is holding his wang and whizzin’ on a dumpster, but we’ll come back to him. I want to get to issue 2.

Dark Angel #2

cover by Kelley Jones

Boneyard Press – 1991

Yes, Kelley Jones of Batman fame. Not bad for a crappy indie book. I guess when Hart asked him if he would like to paint a cover of a satanic cultist fucking a dead woman and eating her at the same time, Kelley Jones couldn’t refuse. This issue features a “publishing schedule,” and listed here is a book called Rectum Errectum. This became the first comic created by a Russian and published by an American in America. Not a bad first for a fledgling company. I’ll have to track that one down for later, but let’s get back to our story.

Jonathan is now running around the forest killing animals with his knife and his teeth when he comes across some satanic cultists kidnapping a couple of girls.

From here on out, there is an unusually high amount of testicle violence.

We are treated to some good close ups.

After a while, even his characters begin to think it’s weird.

But Hart is not about to let up on the nut shots. Even Bill gets in on the action with a firm grip.

So Jonathan kills a bunch of cultists before they can rape the girl. Then, out of the sky, a giant eye appears. Our hero stabs it and receives some kind of power or something, it gets confusing.

I forgot about that part because the big red horned guy from Legend shows up and he’s pissed because the rape ceremony got all fucked up.

He starts making some idle threats and that’s where Hart leaves us at the end of issue #2, but don’t worry, I read #3 for you and here it is.


Dark Angel #3

cover by Vincent Locke

Boneyard Press – 1991

Vincent Locke, another impressive comic cover artist, known for Dead World and A History of Violence.

Our boy Jonathan is in big trouble because the Legend guy traveled all the way from hell to the middle of this forest to rape some poor girl and it’s all ruined now. So after they exchange some homosexual banter, can you guess what happens?

Yes, “I shot the cocky mother fucker point blank in the nuts.” Of course you did.

I’m glad he ended up running because I’m already feeling a little uncomfortable with the high level of man on man action. A gun in the demon anus would have been overkill.

So now the guy, who has been touching other men’s sacks all day long, asks the Legend demon “How are those balls feelin’ faggot?” If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. Strangely enough Jonathan decides “I didn’t think shooting him in the nuts would work twice.” Why give up now?

Then they do a little chase scene and Jonathan ends up gutting the demon and pulling some of his intestines out. This is how you kill Legend guys. Then he explodes or something and two hunters find Jonathan unconscious but now he’s – spoiler – a Legend guy too! That’s it. There’s also a short story at the end but I think I have wrote enough about these books.

Mr. Hart D. Fisher’s humble beginnings have been a pleasure to explore. I am glad I spent the $1.50 on the set.



Book of Lost Souls #1

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The Book of Lost Souls #1

cover art by Alan Jude Summa

Leadbelly Publications – 1991

It would seem this book was the only experimentation with the horror genre by Leadbelly Productions. They found a more commercially viable hit with Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains. Today Leadbelly creates sweet knife designs and products for mentally disabled children.

Our first tale, in this three part anthology, is a story of a man who owns a large garbage dump. He abuses a bum who is later mutated by toxic waste on his property. This now zombified hobo takes out his revenge by ripping the man’s face off and eating him alive. Story by J. Allen Cogliette and Alan Jude Summa, Adapted by Glen Boyd with Art by Alan Jude Summa

The next story deals with a drunk who stumbles into a bar tended by the greek god Dionysus. The god serves him a weird tongue monster who mouth rapes him to death.  Adapted by Glenn Boyd and Alan Jude Summa with Art by Charles Dougherty

Our last story, and the most readable of the collection, involves three teens visiting a carnival. They receive a black balloon from a crippled man who turns out to be a demon. He kidnaps one of the boys to use in a breeding program to create more human looking offspring. The other two, with the help of the demon’s daughter, try to¬†save their friend. It doesn’t work out for them but we do get this wonderful panel. A surprisingly amusing ending to a pretty terrible book. Story by Mike Hurly. Adapted by Glenn Boyd with Art by Alan Jude Summa.